Why Select An Independent Advisor?

When it comes to choosing a financial advisor, independence is indeed a virtue. There are significant differences among those offering investment management and wealth advisory services. Finding the right advisor for your needs may require some research on how each firm works, and how each is paid.

A key difference here at Emerson is our independence and fiduciary duty to clients. The benefits of our independent, objective approach include:

Fiduciary duty as a core principle: Emerson Investment Management is an independent advisor registered with the SEC*. This means we have a fiduciary duty to act in the best interest of our clients.

Ability to manage investments without distraction: At Emerson, our fiduciary responsibility means there are no sales quotas or third party conflicts to compromise performing in your best interest. At many financial service and brokerage firms, reliance on commissions or reporting to corporate overseers can limit the range of investment options and ideas.

A fee-based service: We partner with you — and are obligated first to you. Our only source of revenue is advisory fees, which is based on a modest percentage of your portfolio. In short, we don’t do well unless you do well.

A custom-built portfolio: When you choose Emerson as a partner, an independent advisor carefully evaluates your needs and then develops with our team an investment strategy designed to achieve what you want to accomplish. Our knowledge of the marketplace – and team of experienced advisors – is the foundation for recommendations we believe are best for you and your family.

Invested in lasting relationships: At Emerson, we never try to be a financial jack of all trades. We provide wealth management services, period. This allows us to get to know you personally, and to consider all aspects of your financial picture. Our ultimate goal? To build, preserve and distribute your wealth so you and your family can pursue your dreams.  


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* Emerson is registered as an investment adviser with the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) under the Investment Adviser Act of 1940. Registration as an investment adviser with the SEC does not imply a certain level of skill or training.