Getting Started With Emerson

What’s it like to have a relationship with Emerson Investment Management? For one thing, we are committed to keeping the lines of communication open at all times. Each member of Emerson’s staff is part of our promise to be accessible and responsive to clients – and to earn your trust and loyalty by delivering on that promise.

Each relationship and each client situation is distinctive, but the steps of getting started with us would likely include:

1. Initial phone call
Before scheduling your initial meeting, we spend some time with you on the phone. During our call, we listen to your wealth management interests, describe our services and answer any preliminary questions you have about these services. We then mail you an information package.

2. Initial meeting
In our first face-to-face meeting, we gather detailed information about your personal situation, including wealth management goals and objectives. Along the way, we complete a comprehensive risk questionnaire, which is essential to understanding your investment mind-set.

3. Development of a personal wealth plan
Using the information we have compiled, we draft a personal wealth plan that aligns with your individual objectives. In parallel with this step, we complete a comprehensive review of your estate plan, investments, tax situation and other financial components.

4. Presentation of wealth management strategy
Here, we explain our strategy for consolidating your existing investment accounts into the accounts we will manage for your benefit. We discuss how to best establish our coordination and collaboration with other trusted professionals, including your attorney and accountant.

5. Implementation of wealth management strategy
We organize the necessary paperwork to establish the investment accounts for management, execute account transfers, fund your revocable trusts and coordinate your entire investment and estate plan. Once we have assumed responsibility for your investment accounts, communication with you is a top priority. We explain and answer questions about our reporting methods, and stay in touch with you to keep you informed.


For more on working with Emerson, please contact us to set up an initial phone call.