What to Expect From Emerson

Our first responsibility is to you and your goals, not to outside interests. But we go beyond this initial duty to deliver a client experience that we have continued to refine since Emerson’s founding in 1985.

What can you expect as an Emerson client?

You get a close look at our services before committing
We will provide a complimentary review, without obligation, of your financial picture – before you decide if Emerson is a fit. You’ll have the opportunity to meet us, see how we work and what we offer compared to others.

We make investment management clear and understandable
You receive a clear “roadmap” of your financial future. We work hard to make sure all the complex components of your financial picture work together so you can do what you want with your life. It’s not just about how to make more money; it’s about how to protect that money from taxes, inflation and bear markets.

We can take on the day-to-day responsibility of managing your portfolio
We meet face-to-face, and keep you informed of the big picture — and, if you want, the small details too. As your trusted advisor, our job is to provide discretionary management of your portfolio.  We want you to feel confident about delegating to us, yet we welcome you to be in touch with us as frequently as you like.

We communicate… a lot
At Emerson, our advisors and client service professionals know the value of staying in touch. Investing in relationships for us means making the extra phone call, hosting seminars for clients, meeting for lunch or a breakfast, sending “Emerson Updates” out via e-mail, and tracking market developments of interest to individual clients.

We believe in the long-term
No matter what you want to do with your wealth, we work to make it happen. Our purpose is to build, protect and preserve your financial means over time, allowing you to define your life and legacy on your terms.

If this is the kind of advisor you’d like working for you, please contact us.