How We Build A Balanced Portfolio

At Emerson Investment Management, we see a complete balanced portfolio as one that is tailored to your specific needs and takes into account your entire financial picture.  We call our approach to balanced investment management the Global Income Opportunity strategy.

Whether that picture includes income from a trust, an ownership stake in a business, a nest egg, real estate, an inheritance or a portfolio of Treasury bonds, it’s important that your portfolio is diversified.

Emerson’s Global Income Opportunity (GIO) strategy employs a customized asset allocation of equity and fixed-income, established in consultation with the client.  The GIO portfolio is designed to fulfill the total wealth management goals of the individual, family, or small institution.

True diversification is the key. By spreading investment risk over several types of asset classes, diversified portfolios are in a better position to navigate cyclical ups and downs and see more consistent returns over time.

At Emerson, our range of investments include:

  • Large cap growth stocks: Provide potential to increase earnings faster than the rest of the market.
  • Large cap value stocks: Offer access to common stocks that are undervalued by the market, but have a favorable long-term outlook.
  • Mid cap stocks: Allow you to take advantage of opportunities in mid-sized companies.
  • Small cap stocks: Can provide more rapid, more aggressive equity growth than blue-chip companies.
  • International: Enable you to take advantage of established and emerging global markets.
  • Fixed income: Bonds and Treasury funds typically offer predictable stability in returns and income.
  • Alternative investments: Real estate, commodities or natural resources can help you leverage opportunities in sectors many less-sophisticated investors ignore.

*Of course inherent in all investments is the potential for loss.

A Global Income Opportunity portfolio works with any risk tolerance level or income need. Whatever your objectives, our intent is to create a cohesive way for your investments to:

  • Work together
  • Meet your needs
  • Create a dependable income stream in undependable markets
  • Produce optimum return for the least amount of risk


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