The Investment Strategy Committee

We believe that our clients appreciate how Emerson provides the benefits of a large investment firm – while maintaining the agility and personal touch of a small firm.

Our Investment Strategy Committee is one example of this approach in action.

Investment policy and strategy at Emerson is overseen by an Investment Strategy Committee (ISC). The ISC includes our most experienced portfolio managers, client advisors and financial analysts.

Working together in a collaborative spirit, the Emerson ISC is able to reach a sound group consensus. Recommendations of the Committee are grounded by the collective insight of this group, rather than by the preferences of any single individual.

Committee members meet weekly to review current research, share ideas and develop strategies for clients. This dialogue results in an often detailed — and occasionally spirited — debate about how to devise an effective, strategic plan for action. ISC meetings ultimately put everyone responsible for our investment policy on the same page, helping us deliver more predictable outcomes for you.